• Personal wedding site: why it is needed and how to create it


    The personal site is far from new in the field of wedding services, but it does not lose its relevance. Nowadays, the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and receive information, and when preparing for the main day, I want to optimize all processes as much as possible. This is helped by a personal website for wedding planning, containing all the useful information about the celebration. It is enough for you to give a link to it to everyone you want to see at the celebration, and you will be spared from the many hours of calling guests on the list and a lot of the same questions.

    What you can post on your wedding website

    Surely not all guests know the details of your acquaintance, novel, hand and heart offers. Or maybe one of the invitees is familiar only with the bride or only with the groom. Put a story on the site and decorate it with photos from your archive so that guests can better understand your feelings, learn about your interests and hobbies and become even closer to you.

    To avoid unnecessary questions and not to break your head, to whom you informed or did not provide important information about wedding event, please indicate on the site:

    • date and place of the celebration (or time of arrival to each point, if several locations are planned);
    • scheme of travel to the site or sites (by public transport, by taxi, by personal car - with indication of places for parking);
    • short scenario of the wedding day (registration in the registry office, walk, photo shoot, dinner in the restaurant, etc.);
    • dress code (if it is planned) or the main shades of your wedding, so that guests can support them in their costumes if they wish;
    • plan of seating at tables at a festive dinner (this will help to avoid confusion when entering the banquet hall).

    If not all guests are well acquainted with each other, they will probably want to better know those with whom they will have to sit at the same table. Post a little information about each guest and his portrait so that a friendly and cozy atmosphere reigns at the festival from the very beginning. Also on the planner planning website, it is convenient to arrange surveys if you doubt whether all guests will like the banquet menu or what music to choose for the dance part of the holiday.

    Additional Information Blocks

    Of course, your friends and relatives will be interested to see how the wedding planner goes. You can maintain a special blog on the site and post shots from wedding salons, from rehearsal hairstyles, from jewelry stores, as well as video broadcasts from wedding venues that you choose.

    Read also the wedding planning guide to know all the features of the celebration. And then your wedding planning tip will go well.